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The experience and character through which I lead.
About me

I am the beloved daughter of a Senegalese father and a Finnish mother. Born and raised in Ivory Coast, I moved to Finland at the age of 6 and learned to celebrate my identity and cultural heritage as both an African in Europe—and vice versa. During my first 10 years at Google, I used my skills to help organisations, businesses and individuals make their voices heard online. Now, since almost 2 years I love how my work activates people to think about topics such as representation, power, privilege and DEI as drivers for innovation, talent recruiting & retention and impact (often ROI). I thrive at creating environments where people from different backgrounds & power positions can have honest conversations about these topics.


I use my voice to build bridges and find common ground to solve problems sometimes lacking a clear precedent–building trust between groups that might not otherwise work together. My work is about challenging who gets a chair in the decision-making table, who is heard, and why. The way people interpret my work depends on their own lived experiences, but I always try to challenge people’s assumptions and encourage everyone to question their beliefs, including myself. For example, I want to speed up the discussion of Africa's prospects so that we can see it as an opportunity for growth and independence, not a charity case and dependence.


Not only do I believe that people from diverse backgrounds bring great value to business, innovation and the wider society—but also that it is up to all of us to consistently implement this philosophy in our everyday lives. Public discussion, open dialogue and a climate of tolerance are essential to dealing with large, complex problems, such as discrimination. This is the society I have always dreamed of since I was a teenager, and now it's time to make that dream a reality. Let me know if you want to be part of this effort!

  • Google +11 years

  • Board professional: Åbo Akadem, Skhole Oy

  • Advisory: Ambitious Africa

#google #marketing #diversity #racialequity  #boarprofessional #publicspeaker #aboakademi

  • Executive MBA, Aalto EE (2019)

  • ​​​​​​​​​BBA in International Business​​ (2016)

  • ​Tandem Leadership Alumni​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ (2017)

#execmba #aaltoee #yaleschoolofmanagement #bba #tamk #internationalbusiness #marketing








Yacine is an amazing colleague and a professional with passion. She knows her details, has the ability to deliver complex matters and drives results. She has courage, is a strong voice of diversity and does not shy away when difficult conversations are needed. I have huge respect for her and absolutely appreciate every opportunity to work with her.

Hanna Kivelä

Colleague Review

Managing Director

Fujitsu Finland, ex-Googler

Yacine is a rare combination of a talented and driven professional executive with a heart of gold that seeks to help others. She is passionate about standing up for minorities and marginalised communities, making time in her busy schedule to use her talents for the benefit of the non-profit sector. She is a rare gem in the corporate world and it is an honour to call her a friend.

David Korpela

Client Review

We studied together at Aalto EMBA program for two years. During this period we all in our cohort had the pleasure to get to know Yacine and see her great talent as a leader and as a visionary mind. Her communication is very clear and to the point. She has a strategic way of thinking and she always brings leadership and empathy with her, wherever she goes.

Eero Jyske

Had the pleasure to work with Yacine during my years at Google. Yacine is a modern leader who has a natural gift for relationship building, with a constant drive to always achieve more and to execute with excellence. More importantly, Yacine has the ability to create an environment where her colleagues thrive and excel.

Filippa Hallersbo

Review from Team member Co-founder xxxxx,


Yacine and I worked together at Google where she was in marketing and I was heading Google's operations in Finland. Yacine is a great colleague to work with - she knows everything about marketing and how to build great relationships with marketing and sales partners. She is a talented, hard-working and warm co-worker and a joy to collaborate with. Yacine is a real googler.

Anni Ronkainen

Client Review

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