A value close to my heart is that which we gain from looking for solutions through the prism of diversity. I welcome the challenge to champion diversity both culturally and professionally. As well as being the change I want to see, I am also prepared to stand up and speak out.

In my current role I have been implementing this philosophy to good effect. As Product Marketing Manager for Northern Europe and the lead in Marketing for Google throughout Finland, I specialise in high-impact, cross-functional strategies, facilitating between different organisations, cultures and people.

Another part of my success is the awareness of trust and its critical role in all we do. The importance I place in trust comes from my strong family bond and broad cultural identity, instilling a sense that every relationship I build is precious.

I also seek to apply these values through my family business, Palaver Tree. Through this endeavour, not only do we seek to create networks and opportunities between Africa and Northern Europe, we also strive to expand the awareness and appreciation for cross-cultural enterprise.

Our values mean nothing if we do not live them everyday.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.


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