Our past is our path to where we are today. It shapes us and shows us the way despite not knowing what lies ahead. It should be appreciated for what it can teach us. In an ever-changing world we must not dwell in the past but constantly look to improve.

Growing up dealing with social exclusion, I strived to prove myself in everything I did, whether academically, through personal interests or in the professional world. Whilst having to live the harsh reality of being different, today I embrace my responsibility to help others understand the impact of diversity and fully appreciate the positive outcomes it brings.

I take pride that my past is a kaleidoscope of change, from my African and European roots, to the accumulation of experience through modelling, gymnastics and advertising, to my current role as a leader and enabler in the digital community.

Continually reflecting on who we are will help us to more fully understand who we want to be.

Check out what’s up now or jump straights to the future.

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